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updated 10 Jan 2017

The Fat Guy's Birthday

Published, Twisted Tongue Magazine, 2009.

Lizard Poo

Pantoum, published, Eastlit, 2013. First published, Bewildering Stories, 2012.

Sex and Violence and Old Ladies

Limerick, published, Electric Rather Literary Magazine, 2013.

when long shadows bring

Haiku, published, 50 Haikus, Issue 6, 2014.

in monsoon clouds

Haiku, published, 50 Haikus, Issue 6, 2014.

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"Chess is really big where I come from," said the stranger.

Gregor smiled quickly. Then he realized that the big girl with the accent hadn't actually said anything about her chest. He handed her what he'd been reading, a paperback: Chess: a Little Game of Big Game Plans      …………..

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Colin's Scot Free


2017 Condominium for Sale - Santubong Suites

Condominium for Sale Santubong Suites, 2017.