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updated 18 Nov 2016

when long shadows bring

Haiku, published, 50 Haikus, Issue 6, 2014.

in monsoon clouds

Haiku, published, 50 Haikus, Issue 6, 2014.


Nonce poem, published, Purple Pig,
28 Aug 2014.

Fat Cat

Just 13 words, published, Haunted Waters Press, From the Depths, The Space Between, Fall 2014. As a 'Scattered Penny' embedded in the artwork over pages 24/25.

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George watched mature, overdressed women catching glimpses of themselves in the long wall mirrors as they looked for their names on the fancy little cards on the white covered tables.

He had a spare copy of his speech, just in case.

“We will be  ……………………

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“What are you looking at me? I guess you want to see if I’ve been dealt a full hand?” Two-Fingers Finnigan spat blood, warm and salty on the snow as he pulled off his heavy gloves.

Young Tom didn’t get too close. Old Two-Fingers may be hurt and pinned under a rock-fall, but he came with a fearsome reputation for …………..

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